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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

Do we only live once? Or have we had many lives?

What is Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy is a therapeutic technique to access and to re-experience your past life/lives. It is a branch of hypnotherapy used to facilitate healing that has grown in popularity in the last fifty years. It is a way to help a client resolve problems in this life. At its core regression therapy is an advanced healing technique.

Your past-life memories are all stored within your deep subconscious mind and are the autobiography of your soul existence. Past Life Regression Therapy is a means of tapping into the stored memories from the past to heal problems or get a better understanding. It goes to the original cause of the problem. This could be from this lifetime – in adulthood or back to childhood, back to birth, pre-birth or a previous life. Traumatic childhood experiences being repressed are often a source for problems in the here and now.

Most people can remember past lives through Past Life Regression Therapy, although some will not.

Past Life Regression Therapy is used for unlocking and to clear blocked emotions, it brings insights into how present day problems we experience have their origin in often repressed or ignored experiences.  For example someone that has a fear of water may have drowned in a previous life.

The aim with regression therapy is to find the original source of a problem.

Do I have to have a belief in past Life or Reincarnation?

No. Nor do you have to hold any specific religious beliefs to benefit from regression therapy. An open mind is all that is required.

Regression therapists have open minds and will work with whatever comes up.

The Benefits of Past Life Regression

A number of people want to experience past life regression out of curiosity, simply to see who they were in the past and what type of life they had.

For most people it is a way to heal and for personal growth. Having the benefit of a trained therapist to facilitate past life regression can help:

Control or eliminate anxiety, guilt, reduce or diminish pain.

Eliminate problems in this life.

Discover a greater meaning and purpose in life.

Reveal karmic causes of physical illnesses.

I offer regression parties for fun and interest.

Who were you in a past life?

I offer sessions for the curious. If you would like a session to see who you were in a previous life, you may be able to describe how you dressed and what century you lived in, what type of work you did, you may recognize people that are close to you now.

If you would like a past life regression party for fun and interest, in your own home, maximum eight people. Please contact me for details.



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