It is estimated that up to 40% of people experience anxiety while flying. This makes fear of flying one of the most common phobias. Fortunately fear of flying is a phobia which can be simply and effectively treated by a qualified hypnotherapist.

Fear of flying can cause unnecessary stress when travelling on business or on holiday and in severe cases can stop a sufferer from travelling altogether. Just the thought of air travel can create debilitating anxiety in many people. In extreme cases fear of flying can prevent an individual from boarding a plane altogether, with travel plans having to be cancelled or rescheduled at the last minute.

However the surprising thing is that fear of flying is a phobia which can be quite easily eliminated through hypnotherapy.

A phobia, such as fear of flying is simply an automatic response to a situation. In the majority of cases a phobic response is triggered because the subconscious has gone through an experience that has conditioned it to fear. The conscious mind may not be able to remember this experience, but the subconscious will continue to recall it until such time as the memory starts to fade, or in a positive light we take action to fade the subconscious memory and eliminate the phobia from our life.

Positive treatment by hypnotherapy can put you back in control and open your own personal gateway to the world, allowing you to fly without distress and make the most of your business and holiday plans. And with the holiday season just around the corner what better time to rid yourself of that troublesome phobia? Treatment for fear of flying with Margaret Houghton is just the ticket.

So to find out more about our Southport Hypnotherapy fear of flying treatment, please call Margaret Houghton today on 07752 710 329 and start to make a positive change in your life.

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